Research and Development of innovative drugs is undoubtedly one of the most challenging missions in human history, given intricacy of human bodies, complexity of diseases, as well as intrinsic character of fighting nature. However, it is also one social behavior with greatest value to our kind as it brings hopes to patients to relieve pains and to save lives. That is precisely how I understand the value of our business! It drives our team to go forward with passion all the time, despite numerous challenges ahead!

Since the first day of TransThera have we defined the corporate value as integrity, accountability and productivity. We treat our employees and partners by the same standard. And we achieve these values through continuous innovation. 

Sharing the same value propositions, TransThera team aspires to bring innovate medicines to global patients by strong internal development and external collaboration. In past two years, we have developed a diverse pipeline to address unmet clinical needs in our focused therapeutic areas. Our most advanced TT-00420 has received IND approval from FDA to treat triple negative breast cancer and other solid tumors. Its clinical trials will be initiated soon. In addition, more candidates with truly differentiated profiles are expected to enter clinics in following years. 

Innovation through collaboration is another major theme for our business. We are and will continue to collaborate with world-class institutes and companies to co-develop novel projects. Partners we work with share our vision and values. We do believe the collaborations will deliver very innovative therapies in next years. And we sincerely look forward to collaborating with more potential partners in the near future. 

We are in a great time with tremendous opportunities. We have clear vision and share the same values. TransThera is prepared to play its role in the society. Our innovation will soon deliver great benefits to patients in need. I truly believe it and can’t wait to make it a reality.